Experiential Events

Experiential Events

What are Experiential Events?

Experiential events are engagement events that bond consumers with a brand through memorable interactive activities that instantly creates a relationship with a brand.

Surveys show 98% of consumers feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation.

Experiential events come in all shapes and sizes! Our team will work with you to create a trending or traditional style of event that will be customized to suite any brand!

So get ready for Interactive Mobile Marketing to turn your event into an experience!

Large Event Activations:

Large Event Activations are activation footprints that are designed for 10K+ attendance events.

Our large event activation can range from design and production to engagement activation only. Either way, we look forward to helping your activation become the hit of the party!

Event Activations:

Event Activations can be designed as simplistic or as complex as your budget desires!

Our Event activations are built for both traditional and tech trending engagements.

We always begin by evaluating the objective your brand is looking to meet in order to align the best activation and engagement activities your consumers will enjoy!

Retail Event Activations:

On-premise, off-premise, Store fronts and more! We specialize in everything from event engagement at the store level to concepting promotions with retail bounce back offers.

Our Retail activation team has extensive retail marketing under their belts and ready to put that knowledge to work!

Sporting Event Activations:

Hey Sports fans, looking to have your brand aligned with consumers favorite sporting events?

Whether its through sponsorships, partnerships, in-stadium activations or tailgate take overs, our events activation team are experts in the sports arena!

So put the ball in our court and lets us help you win the game.

Concert Activations:

From outdoor Music festivals to local concert venues, there ’s no gig too small! It's been said that music can change the world, well let us engage the world of music lovers by tying your brand to the music consumers love!

Customized Event Activations:

Looking to create a unique team building engagement or maybe add a fun interactive activation to your next corporate event or company picnic.

The Interactive Mobile Marketing team can help bring your party to life with a custom tailored program just for you!

Kids Event Activations:

Our Kids event activations are one of our team favorites because this is really where our imaginations can run wild! From unicorns and rainbows to gaming and bubble soccer, our team will blend interactive with creative to give kids the most memorable experience of their lifetime.

Street Team Activations:

Street Teams Activations or also known as Feet on the Street, are captivating and engaging guerrilla marketing teams that bring your brand face to face with consumers everywhere from their local coffee shops to their cross-fit gyms!

Our teams are trained and strategically use to promote new products, events, grand openings, etc.

Community Activations:

We believe in connecting people with their passion! And what better way to do that than through community!

Community activations can range from local grassroot activations to larger Cause Marketing platforms.

Pick your passion and lets work together to reach out and connect to your community!

Event Staffing

High Quality event staffing is key to our event executions! We pride ourselves in working with the top talent that includes bilingual and multicultural professionals available in markets across the nation.


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